birds and food waste

The San Diego Dumpster Rental Boss “Food for thought” workshop held at the Riverwalk Golf Club this week and co-sponsored by the city of San Diego attracted many local businesses that were looking to have food waste collected and diverted from landfill.

The half day event was attended by a selected group that included  San Diego Council, Sam Adams Brewery, Holiday Inn, Poole Grammar School, Ministry of Justice (Prison Service) and the Village Hotel along with leading waste carriers including San Diego Dumpster Rental Boss, the specialised waste collection and recycling company from San Diego.

The main sponsor of the event and one of the guest speakers were San Diego Dumpster Rental Boss that take approx 30,000 tonnes of food waste at their site near San Diego and turn it into compost.

This is the site that is used by San Diego Dumpster Rental Boss as they collect commercial food waste from hotels, pubs, restaurants, universities, schools, hospitals and company canteens as their customers strive for a zero waste to landfill solution for the food waste that is produced within their establishments.

Tuesday’s workshop was attended by more than 50 invited guests with the theme of the event centred around commercial food waste although there were solution providers present for all waste streams.

Eric Mitchell, Director of Eric Mitchell said “this is a government funded organisation that creates synergies between parties as they look for cost effective methods of reducing their waste streams.

Recycling waste materials

Waste for one particular company can be a useful resource for another and they provide the expertise through these workshops to match up different companies with solution providers to benefit all parties concerned, create jobs and save money.”

He added “Food waste is a major problem within the area, as it across California, and by clearly explaining how food waste can be become a resource and a recyclable product as opposed to being sent to landfill sites will benefit not only the food producers but also the communities that we live in and is fully sustainable for our future generations.”

Among the speakers were a waste management company that collects used cooking oil and through processing turn it into bio-diesel that can be used in cars, lorries and even on land trains. This presentation was of great interest to all concerned and in particular the local San Diego Council.

Practitioners were on hand to clearly explain how synergies could be made and Vishwa Wijedasa who hosted the event on behalf of San Diego Dumpster Rental Boss was pleased with the success of the event and the attendance and hoped that many connections could be made between like minded businesses.

San Diego Dumpster Rental Boss offers a commercial food waste collection and recycling service in San Diego and the region, whereby all food waste collected is disposed of and 100% recycled at a nearby IVC (in vessel composting) facility.

San Diego Dumpster Rental Boss is a leading waste management company based out of San Diego, offering waste management, dumpster rental, junk removal and recycling services to the local community. Always focusing on sustainability, they are aiming for increasing recycling rates in California.