Death Race

There has always been a huge debate about the violence that appears in video games.

Games like Grand Theft Auto, Death Race, and one of the many war games have been debated as increasing the violent tendency in individuals. Some scientists have stated that violent games should be banned for increasing aggressors, while other scientists claim that the games are actually a way for people to expel any violent tendencies.

Video Games and Violence

There is a large range of violence that appears in video games. There are games such as Grand Theft Auto that offer all kinds of violence such as missions that generally include whacking someone, blowing something up, or committing some kind of crime.

Your spare time includes stealing cars, killing gang members, screwing hookers, and beating random strangers. GTA III continuously makes top violent video game lists to this day. There was a lot of outrage at the release of a game like this, but the debate is still going on today.

Postal 2 was another game that attracted a lot of negative attention upon its release. Postal 2 took the sick and twisted genre to the next level. Extreme violence and just sick and twisted humor throughout the game play just attracted a lot of attention for the senseless gore that dripped from the game and all throughout it.

MadWorld is another game that drips with violence.

It could be that you could kill your enemies by playing darts with their poor bodies. It could also be the fact that the game is extremely gruesome when it comes to the death of any of your enemies. You also have the fact that the game is based on a black and white style where the only color is the red blood that splatters everywhere throughout the game.

Death Race

Most people believe that the debate of violence in video games began within the last decade or so.

This could not be further from the truth. The original debate began way back in the late 70’s. Death Race is the game that drew all of that attention for the beginning of the decade long debate.

The fact that there was so much talk surrounding the Death Race video game title led people to flock to the stores in order to purchase the game and test out the amazing game. There are a lot of reasons that the game drew so much attention, but the main concern and attraction was the violence.

Death Race was a simple concept.

You take your car and takeout these stick figures as often and as quickly as possible in order to score the most points possible. There are a lot of other aspects that make up the game and the reason for the popularity, but the violence factor was really the reason for the most attention.

Violence in video games

Violence in video games seems to be a staple nowadays.

Not only is there the violent factor, but there is gore and horror that have been added into them.

The compromise that video developers have been willing to make in regards to their games is the rating system. Video game developers will now assign a specific rating to their games so that parents and individuals know the intended audience.

They will also list specific factors such as extreme violence or foul language just like a movie is required to do.

Game developers do not feel like they should have to sacrifice the violence that they feel they need for entertainment value because the incorrect people are acquiring the game.