FIFA 21 releaase

On October 9, 2020, FIFA will be back with its opus numbered 21. Pending the release of the title, which will not have a demo as a reminder, fans are getting impatient. Indeed the pandemic has delayed this year’s release, as it is usually available in September.

FIFA 21 pre-order: tips to buy it at the best price

Like every year, Electronic Arts launches its new FIFA. This year EA is even giving you two games for the price of one: buy FIFA 21 on PS4, and enjoy it on PS5 too!

Each FIFA game is entitled to new celebrations, even if some of them have been withdrawn because they are used online by players with toxic behaviors. This year, the novelties will concern at least Eden Hazard and his selfie celebration, Delle Alli, Tammy Abraham, Mbappé, Lautaro, Haaland, but also many other players.

EA even takes the time to show us how to achieve certain signature celebrations, such as the binocular, Mbappé’s cry baby, Haaland’s peace, or even Manchester City’s dance and spin.

FIFA 21: what’s new

This year, the release of FIFA coincides with the very near arrival of the next generation of consoles: the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are indeed upon us.

Also, if you buy FIFA 21 before FIFA 22 is released, you will be allowed to play on PS5 or Xbox at no additional cost. For this FIFA 21, the AI ​​has been further refined, undoubtedly in anticipation of new consoles like the PS5, capable of handling much more information.

You thus have access to finer dribbling and new technical gestures such as the feint of roulette, to pass the defense. Positioning has also been improved, and players are now better able to place themselves in the right place at the right time.

The collisions have also been revised, for smoother and more natural movements.

Volta Football league

In addition to these improvements, you will also find the Volta Football league. You will now be able to play not just with your friends, but also against other Volta players online, in 5v5 team matches. The game arrives on October 9, so don’t wait to pre-order it.


Balanced last year on FIFA 20, Volta mode also has the right to some tweaks. From now on, you can bleed the asphalt in 5v5 online matches with your mates, or head into a “Co-op” mode that we don’t yet know the articulation of.

Clashes in the spotlight

A new game mode joins Volta, and this one can get you some rewards. In fact, Battles of Honor pits you against a star team controlled by AI, or against a community team. Apparently, these matches earn points to redeem for rewards.

Volta Mode is evolving after it arrived with great fanfare last year, and offers a slightly more complete experience.

With these few new features, the content is a little more dense, but you should also know that after EA its gameplay has been refreshed. In fact, five new courses are also arriving. With, on the program, passages in Milan, Dubai and Sao Paulo, cities in which you can lead your avatar which should be much more customizable than in the past.

FIFA 21 on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC

You can treat yourself to FIFA 21 on PS4, with the PS5 version included, in several versions. FIFA 21 is also available on Xbox One, with the Xbox Series X version included.

At some gaming sites, you can find the Standard version at $569.99, the Champions version at $79.99, and the exclusive Ultimate version at $89.99. Amazon for its part offers the Standard version at $59.99, and the Champions version at $79.99.

There are also special deals if you know where to look. For example you can download FIFA 21 at Digital Game Downloads for only $35.99. Do not wait any longer, get this new FIFA version now!