Les Mills Grit

Health and fitness are more than ever global concepts that get more and more appreciated. Numerous pieces of scientific research discover new reasons every day why having a healthy body directly correlates to a longer life expectancy and a lower chance to be affected by a long list of diseases.

The benefits of fitness

Being overweight alone is a negative factor for your health and getting fitter is the best way to lose weight.

All kinds of people of all ages come to the gym for various reasons. More and more people all over the world decide to join a gym. Some persons just naturally like to go to the gym, usually because they started early in life. This is ideal as they require minimum effort to go exercise as they enjoy it and it is part of their life routine. If you have children enrol them in some sport classes so they get in the good habit of practising a sport.

There are also a lot of young adults who go to the gym, in majority women. In this age group they want to look attractive and sexy and avoid at all cost to gain unwanted weight, especially if they are not yet married. Ten or twenty years later these laddies will have teenager children and will not pay attention to their silhouette as much, often quitting the gym.

Another group of people are the middle age ones. They may get a medical condition they got recently such as diabetes or cholesterol, and they realize that being unfit is bad for their health.

Finally you have the seniors. They people can see among their friends how fragile we become when we get older, and they are trying to resist by exercising on a regular basis.

Cardio classes for fitness

One thing about the gym is many people find it boring. For example running on a treadmill or riding a bike in a gym are certainly not the most entertaining type of activity. Weight lifting is a bit more diversified, but still borderline boring for many. The solution is to attend fitness classes and these are guaranteed to not bore you.

The LesMills fitness classes for instance are a lot of fun while developing your fitness level. In Body Combat, you make moves based on karate and boxing while following the sound of the music. In Body Pump, you have ten musical tracks and for each there is a weight lifting sequence to follow.

Or in Body Attack you have a good cardio-aerobic class also with a nice sound track. And they change everything every three months, just to make sure it is not getting boring.