Traveling in a motorhome is easy!

A real house that rolls, the motorhome is a RV that allows you to change your trip as you wish. It is driven with a tourist permit and allows family or friends to experience a very comfortable road trip together in the heart of nature.

Who is the motorhome for?

  1. sports fans: on foot with a motorhome or motorhome, fans of surfing, kitesurfing, skiing or rafting will love it. Change spots every day and get up close to the action. For you, hikers, golfers and cyclists, the motorhome offers you space to store bags and bikes.
  2. small families or large tribes: the rolling house is the most beautiful holiday memory for young and old!
  3. observers, photographers, antique bargain hunters: aboard your motorhome, enjoy the radius of action that allows you to explore and discover landscapes and nature.

Driving a motorhome

All the motorhomes are driven with a regular driving license. And while driving such a vehicle may be easier than it looks, you will need to take more care than when driving your own car.

On average, the driver’s age required to rent a motorhome is 21 years old. Of course some countries may require the international license which must accompany the national license.

Depending on the destination, the motorhome fleets are all in automatic gearbox (the American continent) or manual gearbox (mainly Europe) or mixed (Australia, New Zealand). Automatic transmission is learned quickly. If you have a choice, why not try this version, it will give you a lot of fun.

The motorhome and the drastic speed limits will force you to drive wisely. You will thus discover that driving can rhyme with pleasure because this moderation will save you a lot of fatigue and the pleasure of the driver and passengers will be amplified.

It is good to remember the three principles of conduct:

  1. take it wide: 6, 7 or 8 meters to turn at an intersection, the motorhome requires a larger clearance area than for a car. And this is of course in countries such as the USA or Australia where the roads and junctions are very spacious, more so than in countries such as Scotland.
  2. aim high: keep in mind that there is 3 meters above your head. This will prevent you from unpleasant surprises when approaching vegetation in campsites, when filling up with fuel at petrol stations or even when approaching a tunnel.
  3. two is better: any reverse gear (maneuvering on a campsite or leaving a parking lot) requires the passenger to get out to guide the driver.

The motorhome, an asset for your holidays

This vehicle becomes your home with a precious asset: mobility in the heart of nature.

This rolling house with breathtaking views of a viewpoint or a natural park allows you to enjoy magical places at sunset in absolute calm! Only the song of birds accompanies the sunrise and wakes you up to the dawn of a day of discovery.

A motorhome can accommodate up to 7 people.

It drives himself with a regular driving license and despite his size, it drives more easily than he seems.

It offers a comfortable autonomy in water and electricity. The motorhome is equipped with a kitchen area with fridge, oven and hotplates, a toilet area with shower and wc. Many windows and bays allow everyone to enjoy the scenery.

The beds are comfortable, the windows are darkened for the night and some models even have a bedroom in the back. A wardrobe and a few chests and drawers allow you to store your things once and for all. Heating or air conditioning can complete the equipment.

Finally, in the latest generation models, the slide-out, wifi, TV and more controlled fuel consumption amplify the comfort. The large opening between the driver’s cabin and the equipped cabin allows excellent communication. Some models are equipped with a real chamber at the rear.

Powerful motor and power steering make maneuvering easy and driving easy. A few minutes will be enough for you to get used to the size of the motorhome.

This motorhome will become a faithful companion for your holidays with family or friends. If you buy one, select a model for its strength and autonomy, for the ease of its maintenance and for its safety. Use RV covers when you are not using it so that it is best protected from tear and privy eyes.