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When it comes to environmental waste solutions in Wichita, KS, there are simple things you can do every day to make a difference.

Here are some easy ways to help the environment at home that will take little time or effort, yet can have a remarkable impact.

Saving Energy

There are a few things you can do to save energy around the house. Unplug appliances whenever they are not being used, as a number of them will still consume power even when they are not in use. Caulk around windows and doors in order to prevent heat from escaping. Hang clothes up to dry, and open your dishwasher to let dishes air dry after they are done washing.

Saving Water

Install low-flow showerheads and toilets in the bathroom in order to save water. Wash clothes on the lowest water setting possible. Take showers rather than baths, as you tend to use less water when doing so. Fix leaky faucets right away so that they don’t wind up using more water than necessary.

Use Green Cleaning Products

Make the switch to phosphate-free detergents, soaps and other cleaning products in order to prevent residue from getting into our water system and polluting it. You can even make cleaning products yourself out of natural ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice. Using natural cleaners is not only good for the environment, but can help prevent allergies and asthma attacks as well.


Compost yard waste rather than throwing it away. You can also compost vegetable scraps, newspaper and cardboard as well. Best of all, your compost can be used to grow organic fruits and vegetables that are not only healthier for you, but reduce the number of pesticides in the soil as well.

These easy steps can be taken by anyone, and can be implemented easily and inexpensively. Not only that, but these changes could be good for your wallet and your health as well. For even more environmentally friendly tips, contact us.

Recycling glass in Wichita should be part of your recycling focus in implementing a zero waste philosophy. But many people who recycle glass may do so automatically without really understanding what it’s doing to help the environment. The benefits are much wider in scope than you might think, and it should give you added drive to keep recycling your glass for the rest of your life.

How Glass is Recycled

Once the bottles you leave by your curbside get picked up and taken to a recycling center, the glass goes through a lengthy recycling process. That usually happens in separating colored glass due to the inability to remove the colors. If you ever watch the separation process, you’ll see several large bins full of different colored glass that are eventually broken down for different uses.

During this separation, all metals on the glass bottles are separated as well. This includes any bottle caps, plus ones made of plastic. The glass then goes through a crushing process that turns it into what’s called cullet. This is melted down and molded into whatever end product gets created later.

You’ll be surprised at some of the products your recycled glass helps create outside of forming new bottles.

Recycled Glass is Everywhere

It’s more than just creating new bottles where recycled glass gets utilized. Recycled glass goes commonly into creating fiberglass for use on products everywhere. However, melted glass can also be an essential ingredient in creating concrete. It’s even used to create sand for use on beaches destroyed by erosion.

You’ll additionally find recycled glass in picture frames, plus providing a compound necessary for friction on matches.
That’s only just some of the surprising places you’ve likely never known. It’s an example of how recycling in general helps create many other things in the world that most people don’t think about.

Recycling Glass is More Energy Efficient notes that creating new glass requires more heat and ultimately creates more pollution from industrial plants making glass. Melting glass for recycling purposes doesn’t require nearly as much heat and ultimately proves more energy efficient.

Even better, glass can be recycled perpetually so there’s never any end cycle to it. That means many products you see could be the result of glass recycled perhaps 50 times over.

Now you’ll know exactly what’s going to happen to those glass bottles you set along your curbside for recycle pickup. Let us pick that glass up for you. We’ll pick up any non-hazardous recyclable item you have at your home and take it to the nearest recycling center. We’ll even work with auditing your waste bill to maximize your savings.