dr. Oz

Green coffee bean extracts are all the vogue on the Internet and demand is so high that manufacturers have to work 24/7 to produce enough supplements for everyone seeking to lose a pound or two with minimum effort. But two years ago no one in the nutrition circles was talking about such appetite suppressant formula.

So what happened in recent times to explain this sudden spike in interest for a derivatives of coffee, coffee itself being known and drunk by everyone for hundreds of years? Very simply this product was shown on a famous American show and since then it has taken the Internet by storm.

Green Coffee Beans

There is no need to hide the name of this specific TV show so here it is: Dr. Oz show. Not only did he first discuss the benefits of green coffee beans, but he also created his own experiment. Dr. Oz is a highly qualified health personality as he is a certified surgeon and the chairman of the Cardiovascular Institute and Complementary Medicine Program at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

He is considered a scientist as he authored and co-authored hundreds and papers related to medicine, and he has earned numerous scientific awards. And he also teaches at Columbia University. His show is highly popular and it is produced by none other than Oprah Winfrey.

So when Dr. Oz first mentioned that green coffee extracts could be efficient in helping burn fat faster he received a lot of criticism from the media and the scientific community. And not without reason as very few research had been conducted on humans to determine if such supplement had any effect at all with regards to losing some weight.

Even though this doctor was highly regarded in the scientific community before hosting his show, some believes that he has lost his touch and now is mostly a media person trying to be noticed but sometimes without a real foundation in his arguments.

Doctor Oz

Dr. Oz who is not the kind of guy to decline a challenge, counter-attacked with an experiment that he designed himself. He run the test on 100 women around 30-40 years old. Half of them received green coffee bean extract supplements, the other half received a placebo. They took this twice a day for two weeks, not knowing if they were getting the real thing or the useless placebo.

And the results speak for themselves. The ladies who got the supplement lost twice as much weight as the ones who did not. Both groups lost weight so it could sound surprising if the placebo has no effect. The reason is that all women were interested in losing weight and they all kept a diary about their nutrition.

As they knew they were tested and they will participate in the TV show, they all had a bias to be careful about what they were eating during this period, and this is why even with the placebo they still lost a bit of weight.